Kristin Kreuk Daily


If you have a question(s) about the site that is not answered here? Then please send an email to here.

Is this Kristin Kreuk’s official site?
» No, we’re an unofficial fansite. It’s a fansite dedicated to everything Kristin Kreuk and a place for Kristin Kreuk fans to find images, information, etc on Kristin.

Are you Kristin Kreuk?
» No.

Are you affiliated with Kristin in anyway?
» No.

Do you know Kristin?
» No.

Does (has) Kristin come to this site?
» Not sure if Kristin comes to site, but she might because she knows about the site.

Can I send or email you something to send to Kristin?
» No, as we don’t have contact to Kristin. And if we did, we wouldn’t. You can also tweet Kristin on twitter @MsKristinKreuk.

Can I use pictures for my site?
» It depends on what you want to use them for. Scans, captures, and pictures are either donated or they’ve scanned by me. If you’d like to use something, please don’t just take and post on your site, please email us first and wait for us to get back to you. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please don’t hotlink.

Can I use the pictures in the gallery for fanart, icons (avatars), or wallpapers?
» Sure you can! If you would like send us some submissions to show us what you used them for. Also, a link to the site for resources is always a nice thing, of course! And if you’d like you can donate icons to the icon section.

Can I email you stuff or ask questions directly to you?
» If you need to ask us something shoot us an email and we’ll get back as soon as possible. Or you can tweet us at @KristinKDaily. Additionally, you can also send us a message on tumblr (or use the submit) and the link to our tumblr is @kristinkreukdaily Please remember we are not Kristin.