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March 24th, 2015

My Experience Meeting Kristin

If you follow me on the site twitter which is @KristinKDaily, you’ve seen my pictures with Kristin. I’ll be putting day two and day three of meeting Kristin under a read more, as my experience and trying to give you guys as much detail as possible is rather long.

So on day one of Canada Reads, I got there super early, because I’m not from Toronto so I wasn’t sure if I was entering in the correct location or not and I just wanted to be safe. I saw a lady signing in and I asked if I have to sign in, we started talking. I mentioned how I’m from the United States and the state I’m from. She was shocked and asked me what brought me here, I told her Kristin Kreuk and how, Kristin got me wanting to read more. She told me where to wait I went over that way. The lovely lady than asked what PTO stands for (as I had mentioned I got to use PTO from work) I informed her it means paid time off, she thanked me because she stated that it was going to bug her all day. She informed me that she was one of the senior executives of Canada Reads. She thanked me once again for coming. While in line, I meet some Kristin fans Yelina (sorry if I’m spelling your name wrong) and Kelly, both were very sweet and kind! We decided to sit with each other and we happened to sit behind Martha, which worked for us because that meant we got to see Kristin. Ironic is we found out after it was over we were sitting in the same row as Kristin’s friends, which included Amanda Terry. Wab came out and introduced himself, he asked how far people traveled to be here at Canada Reads. I wasn’t going to raise my hand, but Kelly encouraged me and I’m glad. So I told him I was from the United States and he than mentioned asked me if I was from the state I was from. I answered yes and he asked why I came and I told him why, I was so nervous and caught off guard I first mentioned Kristin’s last name wrong and quickly corrected. Few minutes later, he introduced Kristin, he told her to say hi to her fan from the state I’m from. She did and she thanked me for coming all this way. I obviously said hi back and told her she’s welcome! I was so nervous after that I was shaking because that was just amazing within it’s own thing. So we watched the debate and the Q&A. I was sad to see Kristin go so early on. After the debate, Yelina, Kelly, and I went down and meet Kristin. We said hi and we told her how we were sad she got eliminated already. She was so gracious about it. She let me take a picture with her and than she talked to Yelina and Kelly as well. While we were talking, I had told her that I was coming back on day two and day three, and she told me we’ll say hi each day! I also asked her if she is going to be making any more jewelry with Amanda Terry (because I loved it when she tweeted it before), she said they are in the process of working on more.

So on day two of Canada Reads, I got there early again. While in line waiting to go up, I meet Olivia. (It was such an amazing pleasure of meeting you). We talked about day one of Canada Reads, Kristin, and several other things. While we were waiting to go upstairs, we meet Jill Carter; Jill was amazing and sweet! I told Olivia, where we want to see so we can get a good view of Kristin. So we went inside and I asked the Canada Reads crew if we can sit behind Martha again and we did. We actually sat behind Jill and two of Kristin’s other friends. Kristin did amazing in the second of the debate, loved seeing her get to talk more. So after the debate she had come our way and said hi guys! We said hi back. We talked to her a little, Olivia, and her friend had talked and taken pictures with Kristin first. After they did I talked to Kristin and took another picture with her. I told her how much I admire her and how much she’s an inspiration to me. In addition, I told her about the fansite. She thanked me when I did. Also, I told her how she got me to want to read more, she was so happy to hear that and she said that I have to read the five books. I told her I will!

So on day three of Canada Reads, yet again, I got there early. I was alone on this day. I got inside and yet again I asked if I could sit in the the section behind Martha, knowing I’ll have the best view of Kristin again. So they said yes I could and I did. I saw Jill again with some of Kristin’s friends that were there on day one (loved seeing her friends/coworkers there supporting her). I actually saw Kristin walking to the place where all the panelist came out when they were announced by the host Wab. So I was lucky on Tuesday after day two, to find a place in Toronto that I was able to print pictures from (which I printed my day one and day two pictures with Kristin, along with printing out the site’s header. The place was so nice and printed me out an extra one. The two headers were two different sizes and one was slightly smaller than the other. So I wrote a note on the smaller one for Kristin and gave her that one. I asked her if she could sign two things for me, one being the header image and the other being one of my pictures with her and she did. I asked her about her nail polish color, because it is a lovely one and she said she doesn’t remember. I took some pictures with her. Before I left she told me to have a safe trip back (it amazed me on how she even remembered this without me bringing it up) and I told her I will. I also told her I can’t wait for season three of Beauty and the Beast to start, as well as sending good luck for filming season four. I thanked her for an amazing experience and told her it’s something I’ll never forgot. I said by to her and than left.

Honestly, I’d like to say Kristin is just humble, down to earth and so sweet. When you are talking to Kristin it’s so easy to talk to her (minus me being nervous about meeting her) she makes it feel like you’re not talking to a celebrity or a star, but a friend, someone that is just like you. I wish I could put more into words on how she is, but it’s so hard, because of how amazing and humble, gracious, down to earth she is. Honestly this is something I’ll NEVER forget. I do hope I’ll have more experiences in the future to meet Kristin again.

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  1. Christine

    It sounds like the whole experience was amazing for you. Glad that it was all that and more for you…..

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